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Victorian Qualifying Points – Overview


VQPs (Victorian Qualification Points) are the method for ranking teams that apply to enter the Victorian Open Team Playoff as the VQP team.


VQPs are awarded for major placegetter in Congresses and Regional Championships.


The number of VQPs available for a given event depends on the strength and size of the event. For example, there are 3 tiers of Congress events – small, medium and large – with bigger events attracting more VQPs. Please click here to refer to the points allocation tables for details.


The points scheme is structured to enable the most successful Congress players to participate in the playoffs while ensuring the overall integrity of the selection process.


Anybody with VQPs is eligible to nominate for the VQP Team next year, and you can team up with anybody else with VQPs. The entered team with the highest VQP total will be offered the nomination to contest a one-weekend play off to become the Victorian Open Team, competing against the Pennant Team, the Butler Team and a Pairs Qualified team.


We’re also using the same points structure to identify the annual Congress Champion. We list the leaders in the Bulletin every month and regularly update the list on the VBA website.


The VQP “year” runs from January to December, with nominations being accepted into February the following year. The exact dates are announced on the VBA website late in the VQP year, and depend on the calendar for the following year. This gives everyone plenty of time (roughly two months) to form their teams and nominate., with a further few months to prepare for the Open Team Selection weekend.


Nominations will be accepted through the VBA website from mid-December.


VBA Match & Tournament Committee – December 2017


Click the link below to see the current VQP rankings.

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