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  • 2018 Youth Week

    Club0013In 2018 we will be celebrating the 50th installation of the Australian Youth Week Championships. A team lead by Laura Hollands and Justin Mill will be convening this wonderful occasion.

    The Australian Youth Week has been responsible for the development and training of almost all recent young players coming into bridge. They hope to make the 50th celebration a reminder of that, introducing new training events and making it as fun for all who participate as possible.

    To make the 50th Anniversary a huge success we, the VBA, are hoping to raise some money to help Justin and Laura run the event. Every dollar raised from the fund-raising will be going to the youth players and the development of Youth Bridge. What they are hoping to do with the money raised is as followed:

    • Run a teaching program for all new players interested in learning on the 6th-7th January.
    • Through minor travel subsidies, help youth players who would otherwise be unable to attend, come to the event to join in the celebrations.
    • Run a training program on the 8th-10th January for any players wishing to improve their game (open to players under 35, aimed at players playing for 1-3 years)
    • Run a hall of fame night to acknowledge the work of people who have contributed to Youth Bridge over the years.
    • Support under 20’s youth bridge by helping with training materials and training.

    There will also be a special event held on the 11th-12th January for anyone under 35 years of age, or who has ever played in a youth week before.
    If you know of anyone who would be interested in learning to play or would like to participate please feel free to contact Justin and Laura at

    The VBA is committed to supporting Youth Bridge and encourages you to get behind our young players. Sadly donations are not tax deductible, but will go towards a fine initiative.



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