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Promoting BRIDGE within Victoria Fostering interest in the game

3-478 Warrnambool Bridge Club

An affiliated club of the Victorian Bridge Association

  • West
  • President Lucienne Newton-Tabrett 0414 136 775 0414 136 775
    Secretary Christine Webb 03-5562-2484
    Treasurer Betty Turner 03-5559-8019
    Location: Brauerander Pavilion,
    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Caramut Road, Warrnambool
    Postal: PO Box 17,
    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Warrnambool Victoria 3280
    Contact: Secretary 03-5562-7200
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    Club Website: Go Results
    Lessons are held twice a year. Details are advertised on our web site and in local papers.
    Warrnambool Congress is held in October.
    Next lessons start Wed, 7 August at 7:15pm and run for 7 weeks.
    Visitors are welcome. We suggest you phone beforehand in case of any variation in the program. If you need a partner arranged, please call us.
    We have 3 duplicate sessions a week plus a social game on Fridays.
    Time Day Type MPs Venue
    19:30 Monday Duplicate G
    12:30 Wednesday Duplicate G
    19:30 Thursday Duplicate G
    12:15 Friday Social G
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