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3-480 Waverley Bridge Club

An affiliated club of the Victorian Bridge Association

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  • President Rob Quirk
    Manager Christine Parkin
    Secretary Jenny Codognotto Email
    Location: Electra Community Centre, 21A Electra Ave, Ashwood, 3147
    Postal: P.O.Box 2017 Mount Waverley Victoria 3149
    Contact:  03-9807-6502
    Office Email
    A strong program of supervised duplicate is provided with 4 sessions every week, Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday evening and Friday morning.   See detail on right hand side of this under sessions.

    Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday afternoons are  “No Fear” Duplicates for players with less than 35MPs

    Tuesday evenings is Competition night.  A partner is required at these sessions
    Check the club website for information on coming events, or click the following link: Waverley Lessons

    Note: Next Beginner’s lessons with Andrew Mill start on Tuesday March 3rd (7:30-9:30pm) and Wednesday March 4th (1:30-3:30). Ring the club for further details.


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    Time Day Type MPs Venue
    10:00 - 1.00pm Monday Duplicate G
    1:30 - 4.30pm Monday Duplicate G
    1:30 - 4.00pm Monday Supervised
    7:30 - 10.30pm Monday Duplicate G
    10:00 - 1.00pm Tuesday Duplicate G
    1:30 - 3.30pm Tuesday Supervised
    1:30 - 4.30pm Tuesday Duplicate - No Fear G
    7:30 - 10pm Tuesday Supervised
    7:30 - 10.30pm Tuesday Competition R
    10:00 - 1.00pm Wednesday Duplicate G
    1:30 - 4.00pm Wednesday Supervised
    10:00 - 1.00pm Thursday Duplicate G
    1:30 - 4.30pm Thursday No Fear and Duplicate G
    7:30 - 10.30pm Thursday Duplicate G
    7:30 - 10.30pm Thursday Supervised
    10:00 - 10.30pm Friday Clinic
    10:30 - 1.30pm Friday Duplicate G
    1.00 - 4.00pm Saturday Duplicate G
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