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  • Dendy Park: 9 July 2017

    The Dendy Park Congress is just around the corner.

    A great day when the club is buzzing and packed to capacity.

    Lunch is not provided, but coffee, tea and light refreshments are provided all day.

    Lunch is available at Breen Drive Cafe (please order your lunch on arrival to avoid disappointment).

    This is sure to fill up fast.

    You can enter online at or email Boris or call him on 0414-353-996.

    The day starts at 10am. We will break for lunch at about 1pm. Play will resume at about 2pm. We expect to be finished by 5:30pm.

    Cash prizes will be awarded according to the number of entries.

    There will be a prize for the best Dendy Park pair and best restricted pair.

    No unusual systems are permitted, please see the director, if in doubt.

    Swiss Pairs: Sun 9 July, 10am
    MPs: Red
    Director: Laurie Kelso
    Convenor: Boris Tencer

    Cash prizes on offer.

    Light refreshments provided and lunch is available at Breen Drive Cafe.

    Brighton Bowling Club
    Breen Drive

    Regulations: VBA Regulations apply

    Systems: System cards are mandatory and Highly artificial systems are not allowed. Only Green and Red systems permitted.

    Alerting: Current ABF procedures are enforced.

    Mobile Phones: Use of mobile phones in the building will attract penalties.

    Results will be posted to the web.

    Posted Date: June 27, 2017