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Documents - Masterpoints & VQP Information

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Articles about the Masterpoint System.
Title Date Description Show?
VQP Awards October 2017 15/11/2017 VQP Awards 2017 to October 31st Show
VQP Allocation Tables 2015-16 08/03/16 2015-16 VQP Allocation Tables for congresses and State events Show
VQP Overview 13/10/13 VQPs – An Overview Show
VQP FAQs 13/10/13 Victorian Qualifying Points – Frequently Asked Questions Show
Guide for Club MP Secretaries 06/01/12 Guide for Club MP Secretaries to using the rebuilt ABF Masterpoint Website. Show
Supervised Masterpoints 28/01/11 Masterpointing Supervised Play Sessions. Show
Common Boards 28/01/11 Common boards Played in a Movement. Show
Half Table Masterpoints 28/01/11 Masterpoints for a Half Table Mitchell. Show
Maximise Club Masterpoints 28/01/11 Maximise your Club Masterpoints. Show
Red Point Sessions 28/01/11 Getting extra Red Point Sessions. Show
Outright Awards 28/01/11 Calculating Outright Awards. Show
Masterpoints Overview 28/01/11 Masterpoints Overview. Show