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Result For - State 2020

Event Res? Start Start Day Finish Days Type MPs
Bushfire Charity Event Dendy Park Jan 12th Show 23rd Jan Thursday 23rd Jan 1
Fred Habgood Matchpoint Swiss Pairs Show 20th Jan Wednesday 3rd Feb 3 MP Swiss Pairs Red
Victorian Open Butler Qual Show 22nd Jan Wednesday 4th Mar 3 Pairs Butler
Victorian Individual 2020 Show 24th Feb Monday 26th Feb 2 Matchpoints
Felicity Beale Mixed Teams Show 11th Mar Monday 25th Mar 3
Victorian Open Selection Final Show 21st Mar Saturday 22nd Mar 2
Victorian Seniors Qualifying Show 9th Mar Monday 23rd Mar 3
Board a Match Show 30th Mar Monday 6th Apr 2
vic wo Show 1st Apr Wednesday 6th May 4
Swinging Teams Show 20th Apr Monday 4th May 3
Victorian Restricted Pairs Final Show 9th May Saturday 9th May 1
Blutstein Swiss Pairs Show 11th May Monday 1st Jun 4 Swiss Pairs red
VBA Bulletin Leagues Spring 2020 Show 30th Aug Monday 30th Sep 1 Teams None
Thwaites Mixed Pairs Show 13th May Wednesday 10th Jun 4 Matchpoint Pairs Red
Support Victorian Youth Bridge Night Show 23rd Jun Tuesday 23rd Jun 1
Victorian Open Pairs Show 29th Jul Wednesday 2nd Sep 6 Matchpoint Pairs Red
VBA GNOT Heat Show 27th Jul Monday 1st Jan 3 Teams GOLD
Pro-Am Teams of Three Show 8th Aug Saturday 8th Aug 1 Teams
VBA Swiss Pairs Show 17th Aug Monday 31st Aug 3 Swiss pairs
GNOT Metro Final Show 29th Aug Saturday 29th Aug 1 Gold
Victorian State Teams (Pennant) Show 9th Sep Wednesday 28th Oct 6
Champion of Champions State MP Pairs Show 3rd Oct Saturday 3rd Oct 1
Affiliated Clubs Meeting Show 4th Oct Sunday 4th Oct 1
Masters Teams Show 5th Oct Monday 12th Oct 2
Spring MP Swiss Pairs Show 14th Oct Wednesday 21st Oct 2 MP Swiss pairs
Masters MP Pairs Show 19th Oct Monday 2nd Nov 3 Matchpoint pairs
VBA Summer Online Congress Swiss Pairs Show 6th Dec Sunday 6th Dec 1 Online Swiss Pairs - BBO Red
Country teams Championship Show 24th Oct Saturday 24th Oct 1
Seniors Day - free bridge at the VBA Show 27th Oct Monday 27th Oct 1
Victorian Swiss Pairs Show 4th Nov Wednesday 25th Nov 4
VBA State Teams (Pennant) Semi Final Show 21st Nov Saturday 21st Nov 1
VBA State Teams (Pennant) Final Show 22nd Nov Sunday 22nd Nov 1
Victorian Daytime Swiss Pairs Show 25th Apr Saturday 25th Apr 1 Swiss Pairs
Bridge for Brains (daytime) Show 30th Apr Thursday 30th Apr 1
Victorian Open Butler Final Show 12th Feb Saturday 11th Mar 3 Butler Pairs Red
VBA Bulletin Leagues Show 22nd Jun Monday 22nd Jun 1 Teams None
Victorian APBF Team Selection Show 8th Feb Saturday 8th Feb 1
VBA Bulletin Cup Show 16th Apr Monday 31st May 1
Victorian Butler Plate 2020 Show 12th Feb Wednesday 4th Mar 3 State Red
Victorian Womens Qualifying Show 9th Mar Monday 23rd Mar 3