Bridge tuition for women
Learn to improve
Tues & Fri, 7.30pm


Waverley Lessons
Regular classes for juniors and youth every Tuesday


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Great offers & happy experiences







Coming Congresses:

   Tricks And Trumps
   31 Jan - 1 Feb


   Dendy Park: 8 Feb
   Sunday entertainment


   Rye Beach: 14-15 March
   ♡ The fun congress


   Frankston: 11-12 Apr
   Fun in Frankston


Coming Competitions:

   Master Pairs
   State event
   Mon: Feb 16, Mar 2, 9







Duplicate News:

   The Betty Mill Story
   Soon to be released


   Thursday Butler Pairs
   Just walk-in


   Nationwide Pairs
   1st and 3rd Saturday


   Drill-down results
   See the revamped scoring


   Part of duplicate revamp



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VBA Calendar & Results



ABF Yearly Calendar


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Discount Insurance for ABF
Registered Players.
Car Insurance Deal


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