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3-361 Knox Bridge Club

An affiliated club of the Victorian Bridge Association

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    President:  Jenni Turner 0419 003 639
    Secretary:  Stella Hammond 0400 127 865
    Location: Arrabri Community House, 42 Allambanan Drive, Bayswater North (Melways 65 B1)
    Postal: PO Box 242, Bayswater Business Centre, Bayswater, Vic 3153
    Contact: 03-8740-3520 Email
    General Information:
    We are a friendly and caring club, and visitors and new members are welcome.

    Please arrive in time to be seated 10 minutes before the start of sessions for Bridgemates set-up.

    Hands are pre-dealt with our Dealing Machine. We use electronic Bridgemates scoring and results and hand records are available after each session, and are also sent by email.

    If you are interested in Beginner Bridge lessons or bridge coaching, please contact the Secretary (0400 127 865)

    f you need a partner please phone the President (0419 003 639)

    Our annual congress is held on the first Saturday of August

    We hold Nationwide Pairs on a Monday afternoon once a month. Please contact the Secretary for dates.

    There is plenty of parking.


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