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  • Accredited Bridge Teachers in Victoria

    Since 2011 a national scheme of accreditation of bridge teachers in Australia has been conducted by the ABF, and many dozens of teachers around the country have been accredited. This process endeavours to ensure that bridge students are taught by properly-trained individuals using state-of-the-art methods.

    In Victoria, there are presently seven accredited teachers and three Honorary Teaching Fellows. The latter are eminent teachers who automatically qualified for accreditation based on their reputation and vast experience.

    The profiles of the Victorian and other teachers may be found here: 

    If you wish to contact an accredited Victorian teacher the following are email contact details.

    Dot Read (Geelong)
    Barbara Conquest (Moonee Valley)
    Jan Clyne (Bayside)
    Stella Hammond (Knox)
    Nena Reid (Yarra Valley)
    Margaret Morgan (Rye Beach)
    Alf Branicki (Bridge at Tivoli)

    The Honorary Teaching Fellows and their club contacts are: Jeff Fust (Gardenvale), Bill Jacobs (Northern) and Andrew Mill (via the VBA office).

    The VBA runs regular sessions which count towards accreditation with the National Director of Teaching, Joan Butts,  the next of which is scheduled for June 23/24 2018.  

    All information regarding becoming an accredited teacher and profiles of the teachers mentioned above is available in the Education section of the ABF Website Click Here to view.


    Christopher Leach

    Vice-President VBA

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