Promoting BRIDGE within Victoria
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Any staff member or councillor with no email address listed may be contacted using [email protected]

Type Image Name Email Roles
VBA Council Christopher Leach Christopher Leach [email protected] President
VBA Council Kim Hoff Kim Hoff [email protected] Treasurer
VBA Council Jenny Thompson Jenny Thompson [email protected] Vice-President, ABF Rep, ABF Youth Liaison
VBA Council Colin Jasper Colin Jasper [email protected] Vice-President, Chair of BVOC
VBA Council Rebecca O'Reilly [email protected] Councillor, Victorian Youth Co-ordinator, ABF Youth Committee
VBA Council Maryanne Bird [email protected] Councillor, Chair of VBC OC
VBA Council Jan van Riel Jan van Riel [email protected] Councillor, BVOC
VBA Council Anthea Gedge Anthea Gedge [email protected] Councillor
VBA Council Belinda Lindsay Belinda Lindsay [email protected] Councillor, VBC OC
VBA Council Deb Anglim Deb Anglim [email protected] Special Councillor - Country East
VBA Council Phil Young [email protected] Special Councillor - Metro Arc
VBA Council Kym Fraser [email protected] Special Councillor - Country West, Secretary
VBA Council Andrzej Krolikowski [email protected] Special Councillor - Metro Near VBA, BVOC
VBA Staff Laurie Kelso Laurie Kelso [email protected] BV Chief Tournament Director
VBA Staff Neil Ewart Neil Ewart [email protected] VBA Accountant, VBA Webmaster
VBA Staff David Beckett [email protected] State Masterpoints Secretary
VBA Staff Chris Hughes [email protected] BV Bulletin Editor
VBA Staff Viv Dacey [email protected] Company Secretary
VBA Staff VBC Club Manager [email protected] Club Manager

Last updated on May 2nd 2024