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Any staff member or councillor with no email address listed may be contacted via the secretary at

Type Image Name Email Designation
VBA Council Christopher Leach Christopher Leach President
VBA Council Jenny Thompson Vice-President/MTC Member
VBA Council David Morgan Vice-President
VBA Staff Andrew Macready-Bryan Andrew Macready-Bryan Manager
VBA Council Kim Hoff Treasurer
VBA Council Jan van Riel Secretary to the Council
VBA Council Michael Phillips Ordinary Councillor
VBA Council Belinda Lindsay Councillor
VBA Council Andrzej Krolikowski Special Councilor
VBA Council Derek Poulton Special Councillor Northern Region
VBA Council Richard Giles Special Councillor Western Zone
VBA Staff Laurie Kelso Laurie Kelso Chief Tournament Director
VBA Staff Neil Ewart Neil Ewart VBA Bookkeeper/VBA Webmaster
VBA Staff VBA Club Manager Club Manager
VBA Staff Match & Tournament Committee VBA Committee
VBA Staff Dee Harley VBA Bulletin Editor
VBA Staff David Beckett State Masterpoints Secretary
VBA Staff Leigh Gold MTC Member
VBA Staff Diana Smart MTC Member
VBA Staff David Thompson MTC Member
VBA Staff Rebecca O'Reilly Youth Bridge