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  • Summer League Starting January 11th 2021

    We have Christmas coming up, so my proposal is that we start a new league on Monday 11th January. Entries for the Summer league will be accepted in December only. As you will appreciate, I need time to apply the relegation and promotion, to seed the new teams and to work out how many leagues of how many teams will suit the numbers of entries we get.

    In the meantime, now that you know how to run team matches, why don’t you replay some of your most enjoyable matches on a regular basis. Team matches, as you have discovered are great fun and easy enough to manage once you get the hang of it. It will be good practice for the coming season!

    Thinking further into the future, when the summer league is complete, it will be around 1 year since we implemented the VBA Bulletin Cup – the knockout teams competition which was our first venture into online teams matches. So, I propose that the summer league will be followed by the VBA Bulletin Cup 2021.

    I’m hoping we get at least as many entries as last year, and that “Big Dills” and Plate winners “International” will be among the contestants as reigning champions.

    Entries for that competition will open after we have finished the Summer league.

    Dee Harley

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