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  • Teams of Three July 14th 2018

    2018 Victorian Pro-Am Development Day

    • An opportunity for players with less than 50 or 500 Masterpoints to improve their game through playing with an experienced partner.

    Saturday July 14 10.00am – 5.00pm

    Where: VBA, 131 Poath Road, Murrumbeena Vic

    $55 Lunch included

    What is the teams of 3 development day?
    The Teams of 3 is a State wide Red Masterpoint event that offers players the chance to play with an experienced partner.

    Teams of (2)3 amateur players will be joined by a leading Victorian player as the (3rd) 4thmember of the team.

    There are two categories which will be contested in separate fields (assuming viable entries).  The divisions are under 50 Masterpoints and under 500 Masterpoints.

    What are the objectives of the day?
    The day is aimed at allowing players who are eager to learn and improve the chance to play with a more experienced player in a fun and friendly environment.

    The Red Masterpoints, overall prizes and handicap prizes are only incidental and although they are a nice bonus they should not be the primary motivation for players to enter this event.

    This day is also a great opportunity to meet players from different clubs and of different skill levels and to improve the culture of the game within the state.

    Who is this event appropriate for?
    This year the event has been restricted to players with less than 550 Masterpoints and divided into two divisions, under 500 MP and under 50 MP.  The event is prefect for anyone who is looking to improve their game and would like to experience playing with one of Victoria’s leading players.

    Enter Under 500 Masterpoint Category

    Enter Under 50 Masterpoints Category

    Posted Date: May 28, 2018