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Check out the Victorian congresses available in the list below. All Victorian congresses earn red masterpoints, unless otherwise indicated. *Super congresses earn additional masterpoints (50% extra for the major congress events and 25% extra for the minor side events). Congress results are available by clicking on the results link below or by visiting bridge club sites; Bridge Unlimited; and Laikel.

Congress Enter/Results Dates Days Club Info
Waverley Congress Fri, 03 Nov to Sun, 05 Nov 3 3-480
South Gippsland Congress Sat, 11 Nov to Sun, 12 Nov 2 3-465
Kooyong Congress Sun, 19 Nov 1 3-376
Tivoli Congress Enter Sat, 25 Nov to Sun, 26 Nov 2 3-474
Dendy Park Summer Congress Enter Sun, 03 Dec 1 3-326
VBA Summer Congress Enter Sat, 09 Dec to Sun, 10 Dec 2 3-301
Gardenvale Summer Congress Tue, 26 Dec to Sun, 31 Dec 6 3-320