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  • ANC Team Performances

    The 2023 Australian Interstate bridge championships have been underway this week in Perth, with the following players representing Victoria in each of the four team categories:

    Open:  David Beckett/Neil Ewart; Philip Fent/Dee Harley; Chen Ding/Ming Zhang

    Senior: George Lovrecz/Martin Wilcox; Quentin van Abbe/Andrzej Krolikowski; Robert Gallus/Stephen Weisz

    Women: Kim Frazer/Kitty Muntz; Penny Blankfield/Sue Read; Laura Ginnan/Eva Samuel

    Youth: Alex Goss/Simon Pui; Damon Flicker/Seb Wright; Taydon Gold/Matthew Sieredzinski

    The format of the competition is 14 rounds of qualifying, with the top two teams in each division then competing in a Final with five stanzas of 12 boards each.

    Our Open Team performed very well, sadly narrowly missed the final in qualifying in third place while our Seniors performed creditably to come in 5th.

    The Women’s team had an excellent result to qualify for the Final, but were beaten by South Australia 137-99…. congratulations ladies!

    The biggest cheer goes to our Youth Team which dominated the qualifying rounds and won the Final against S.A. by a resounding 219-114. A fantastic result!

    Underlining its strength as a bridge playing state, S.A. made all four finals and won three of them.

    On behalf of the VBA and Bridge Victoria I congratulate all our team members and thank them for a great performance.

    — Christopher Leach, President

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