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  • Andrew Mill interview with David Astle

    Following Catherine Harris’s amazing article Biker King Of Bridge David Astle interviewed Andrew Mill on the evening of September 4th.  Here is a link to the audio of the interview.

    If you’ve ever cursed The Age’s cryptic crossword on a Friday, you can blame David Astle. He sets mindbending crosswords every week for the Melbourne daily, delighting and frustrating the city’s cruciverbalists in equal measure.

    David also writes plays, novels and non-fiction books.

    His most recent book, Puzzled: Secrets and Clues from a Life Lost in Words, is described as a ‘memoir of a life lost in words’.

    Those who miss David as a co-host of SBS’s Letters and Numbers can now tune in to hear him as an occasional presenter on 774 ABC Melbourne and ABC Victoria.


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