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  • Andy Hangs His Shingle

    The youth are beating us everywhere so Andy Hung taking over the ‘What Should I Bid?’ column for the ABF sounds like a good move.

    Doctors in the westerns used to ‘hang out a shingle’ to show they were there when needed. We need players like Andy to help us find out where we are going wrong in the bidding.

    Take advantage of his articles when they appear and ask for more.

    I will certainly be reading them.

    The press announcement said:

    The ABF Management Committee is pleased to announce that Andy Hung has kindly agreed to facilitate this forum on the front page of the ABF Web Page.

    It will commence again in April with a $30 prize on offer to the winner each month to be spent either with Paul Lavings Post Free Books or with Nick Fahrer at the Bookshop.

    By the way, what Andy is holding in the photo is the Special Recognition Award for Services to Youth Bridge. You don’t earn that for nothing.

    His bidding is every bit as good as the time he donates to the game.

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