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  • Asia-Pacific Bridge Championships 2017

    The Australian teams are heading to Seoul for the Asia-Pacific Bridge Championships, running from May 28 through June 7. The APBF is the level below the world championships, and hosts the world championship qualifying events for South-East Asia teams and also (separately) teams from Oceania.

    A clutch of Victorians are representing Australia this year:

    Pete Hollands (Open)

    Justin Mill (Open)

    Simon Hinge (Seniors)

    Rob van Riel (Seniors)

    Jamie Thompson (Junior)

    Ben Thompson (npc, Open)

    If you’d like to follow the results and read the daily bulletins on the championship website click here

    You’ll be able to follow the play live on BBO, with at least 4 matches broadcast every session.

    The ABF has also set up a Team Aus email

    email , so tell all your bridge friends that they can email messages of support to this general address, and the ABF will make sure to pass them on.

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