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  • Bridge Websites Anyone?

    If you want to produce decent website to promote your club, provide members with scoring feedback and use articles with pictures to make them feel part of your club there is a way.

    Bridgewebs is perhaps the best web service around that provides a full web service to achieve the above, including Bridgemates Support with full score drilldowns.

    This is a 21st Century Website application that does not need rocket scientists to run it. It works best in conjunction with Scorebridge, a scoring application well known to Australian Clubs. You score your session which is automatically uploaded to the website that you have created.

    All you need is someone to do the scoring and someone to take pictures and write nice stuff about your club events. You have to do stuff yourself but you get something tangible for your efforts.

    Want more information about how it works? Go Bridgewebs

    There are many Australian Bridge Clubs currently listed as using the Bridgewebs service.

    Don’t take my word for it – call them up of visit the sites. The Victoria Clubs are:

    Alternatively go to the VBA Club Details Page and select one of the participating clubs to see get contact details: Go Club Details

    This description of the service is from the Bridgewebs site:

    Each club has used the features of the web site software in different ways.

    Some have made extensive use of the feature allowing you to set up competitions so that, when the results are uploaded from the Bridge Scoring software, the competitions are automatically updated. Then, the web site is up to date immediately the results are calculated and uploaded.

    With the power of a real time system and features of BridgeWebs, the Bridge Scoring software results are reformatted to allow members to view and print their own scorecards, competitions or any other aspect that they may be interested in.

    Some BridgeWebs sites use pictures. You can upload pictures taken at your club and attach these to your “News” pages to give added attractiveness to your web site or use one of the standard supplied images.

    Bridgewebs has primarily been designed for Bridge Clubs and Associations. However, the techniques used can be extended to other types of web sites and, therefore, some friends and acquaintances use bridgewebs for their own personal web sites, from the serious to the just for fun.

    The Bridgewebs App for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch is now available. It will also run on an iPad in Compatibility mode.

    Automated web score presentation, article with photo support, iPhone support plus direct control of the content is not too shabby a service to be offering. If you don’t have a club website maybe this is the way to go.

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