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  • Champion of Champions State Day Time Match Point Pairs

    The 2019 Champion of Champions State Day Time Match Point Pairs will be held at the VBA clubrooms on Saturday August 24th. Every club in Victoria is invited to send up to 6 pairs to participate in the final.

    You can send three open pairs and one pair each in the women’s, mixed and seniors categories. How you select the pairs is up to you. Last year some clubs used their club championship as a selection event while a couple of clubs ran special events to select pairs, or just nominated the pairs. You don’t have to send all 6 pairs – we are happy with as many pairs as are happy to come!

    We are now accepting entries from all clubs.

    When you enter pairs into this event please forward via email the pair’s names and which category they are.

    Entries can only be made by contacting Andrew at the VBA. His email is [email protected].

    Entries will only be accepted from clubs (individual entries will not be accepted).

    Once received the entries will be posted on the VBA web site.

    Entries close on Wednesday 21st August 2019.

    The cost of entry will be $90 per pair

    The entry fee includes a light lunch and hospitality throughout the day.

    The approximate Session times are as follows:  Session 1 – 10.00am, Session 2 – 2.00pm.


    • Cash Prizes (amount depending on number of entries) Minimum of 30% of Event entry fees.
    • Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all finals.
    • Cash prize for the best placed pairs in each of the mixed, seniors and women’s categories.
    • Players are only eligible for one prize per pair. Example if the winner  is a mixed pair they receive the main prize, the next best unplaced mixed pair would receive the mixed pair prize.

    We do hope your club will be able to participate in this event. A flier will be sent within the next few days to help you to advertise this excellent event to your members

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