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  • Current VBA Covid Protocols

    Whilst the current Covid crisis is with us, we must still observe the recommended protocols for community gathering. I ask ALL players and visitors to the VBA to recognise and act to fulfill the following:
    • Do not play or come to the club if you have any symptoms linked to Covid-19
    • Sign in when you arrive, or use the QR code
    • Sanitise your hands at the beginning of play and after each round
    • Keep the same bidding box for the entire session
    • Feel free to wear a mask.
    • Retain standard social distancing of 1.5m – sit back from the table wherever possible.
    • Remember that we still have social distancing guidelines – sit back from the table as much as possible.
    • Only the North player should touch the Bridge Mate
    • The South player is responsible for board movement – touch the boards as little as possible
    • No eating in the play areas
    Each of the above points is important.

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