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  • Proposals from the VBA Council

    You will find attached on this page important communications from the VBA Council regarding the future of the VBA.

    Please read these in the following order: (Click on the link to take you to the document)

    Letter from the President

    Question & Answer document

    VBA financial performance summary document

    You will note that the President’s letter lists proposed dates for face-to-face briefing sessions at Poath Road and also an email address for all correspondence in the meantime.

    Notwithstanding the difficult circumstances being experienced during our fifth COVID lockdown in Victoria, we are sending this communication to you in line with the timetable foreshadowed in June by the President and recently confirmed by the VBA Council. This gives members the maximum time to reflect on these important matters before the proposed face-to-face meetings.  Should the current lockdown be extended, we will consider the options of postponing the meetings and/or conducting them online.  In the meantime, we hope for the conclusion of the lockdown next Tuesday night and, of course, that all members and their families stay safe.



    Letter from the President


    Future of VBA Letter to Members


    Question & Answer Document


    Future of the VBA Questions and Answers July 2021


    VBA Financial Performance Summary Document


    Key Data for VBA Future Paper July 2021

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