Promoting BRIDGE within Victoria
interest in the game

  • Inaugural Winners of the TBIB Prize

    The recently announced sponsorship by TBIB Insurances of a prize for the best restricted pair (who duly enter the competition on the day) at metropolitan Victorian congresses (country participation begins after February 1st) got under way at Waverley last weekend with two winning pairs, owing to the unique division of the Swiss competition there into North/South and East/West.

    Excellent performances by Ismail Gulec and Daniel Taggert (NS) and by Derek Poulton and Michael Sullivan (EW) saw each pairing receive $100 and automatic entry into the draw in early May for a free entry to the Restricted Pairs at the Victor Champion Cup in June. Well done gentlemen!

    Once again, the VBA wishes to record its thanks to TBIB for this excellent initiative.

    — Christopher Leach


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