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  • Information re VBA Bulletin League teams (Season 1)

    VBA Bulletin League Teams



    The VBA Bulletin League Team Members is at the bottom and the link is an email address to the Captain so you can contact people regarding your matches.


    Click here for Results


    Match Schedule

    CLICK HERE to go to the match schedule 

    The schedules were created at the start of the seven-week season.

    Each team will play the other 6 teams in their league, and will have one week where they will not have a match. (this happens with an odd number of teams!).

    To find out who you are playing in a particular week, look down the left-hand edge of the schedule until you encounter your team name. Then move along that row until you are under the start date or the week you are interested in, and you will find the name of the opposing team (or a “-“ if you have no match that week).

    The date shown on the top row of the schedule is the start date of the week in question. It will be a Sunday. The match must be played before the following Saturday (5pm).


    Matches will consist of two sets of 12 boards.

    The Captains agree who is to set up the match on BBO. Captains must ensure that each pair playing in the match plays a different pair in the second 12 boards. Captains may use a different pair for the second 12 boards if they so wish.

    Instructions for setting up team matches are given here

    Results should be agreed and sent (copying in the other captain) immediately after the match to [email protected] with the result in IMPs.

    If a match is incomplete or never started then both teams will score 0 VPs.

    League Tables

    The league tables will be published each week on the VBA Website, along with the results of the matches played that week.


    We haven’t tried anything like this before, so there may be teething problems! Please don’t hesitate to contact Dee if you have any questions, worries, suggestions or issues.

    Thanks for taking part!

    Team Members

    Name (click to contact Captain via email) Captain Other Team Members
    Big Dills Andrew Macready-Bryan David Beckett Dave Thompson Robert Fruewirth Jamie Thompson
    Get Smart Neil Ewart Simon Henbest Di Smart David Morgan Chris Hughes Kim Morrison
    International Thilak Ranasinghe Gordon McRobert Ming Zhang Chen Ding
    BuKKLe Kitty Muntz Leigh Gold Kim Frazer Robert Gallus
    Half-Baked Dee Harley Anna St Clair Keith Kat Brigitte Kat Charlie Kat
    Marks Martin Willcox Ron Lel Andrzej Krolikowski Kevin Chan Shirley Collins Michael Gurfinkiel
    JEM in the ruff Michael Phillips Meredith Woods Eva Caplan Jenny Thompson
    Milly Justin Mill Ken Anderson Andrew Mill Annette Maluish
    Unhinged Margaret Yuill Jeannette Collins Simon Hinge Peter Yuill Irene Epstein Stephen Lester
    Four desperados Len Meyer Phyllis Moritz Michael Chrapot Phillip Fent
    Glorious Gloria Peston Helen Snashall Ruth Thomson Ralph Berlinski
    T-Delights Serhat Ozenir Barbara a’Beckett Mary Allison Ismail Gulec
    The Four Belles Jean Hall Franci Halmos Penny Corrigan Maggie Callander
    Jerry, Elaine, George & Kramer Lisa Yoffa Sam Arber Christopher Leach Michael Sullivan
    Sanhedrin Sphielers Les Ajzner Paul Kron Barry Rawicki Simon Rose
    Herded Cats Kim Hoff Belinda Lindsay Jenny Hoff Earl Dudley
    Kill Bill 4 Steven Thorne Nicole McManamny Kirsten Thorne Melroy Decouto Bertha Dembo
    Veering Dianna Middleton Margaret Copland Frank Vearing Desma Sampson
    Bird Team Maryanne Bird Colin Jasper Allan Hardie Margaret Pussell
    Mornington Madames Lindsay Young Sue Beckman Gwen Branton Sally Thornton Julie Alliston Philip McDermott
    Mister Slam & the Miss Bids Steve Colling Mary Colling Karen Thompson Christine Parkin

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