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  • Journey to the Bowl

    Peter Hollands and Justin Mill qualified for their first Australian Open team at the end of 2016, earning themselves a trip to Lyon, France in August for the Bermuda Bowl, the open world teams championship and of course one of the very most prestigious tournaments.

    The team also went to Seoul for the zonal championship at the end of May. Find out how they went in their 6th video.

    Juzz and Pete are working hard to be as prepared as possible for the Bowl. They’re making a video series explaining how and why they’re training.

    You can follow along on Youtube

    the sixth video (June 2017)

    the fifth video (May 2017)

    the fourth video (April 2017)

    the third video (March 2017)

    the second video (February 2017)

    the first video (January 2017)

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