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Bridgebase Online

Bridgebase Online

Bridge Base Online is a free service offered to bridge players everywhere. There are always thousands online.

The BridgeBase Website offers online bridge and a lot of other interactive and support facilities.

If you go to the parent site you can install the software and then navigate the various features and learn about what the software provides.
BBO Website

BridgeBase presents frequent VuGraph broadcasts of live matches from around the world.

Amongst the features in Bridgebase Online are:

  • Runs 24/7 for Free.
  • Volunteer Helpers. Names in Yellow.
  • Imps/Matchpoints Tables can be created.
  • Team Matches can be created.
  • Partnership Bidding
  • Chat Rooms
  • Discussion Boards.
  • Log Files of Sessions

If you just want to check out the service, you can create an account, log in and watch a little.

Click on Play Bridge and then Help me find a game! Trust me.

Can’t find a history of the hands you played on BBO? They are stored in the basement of their office an Alpha Centauri. The obscure location for your hands is:
Board History

Click the link and enter your BBO Username plus other parameters as desired to see stuff.

Bridgebase Detailed Info

Below are links to some documents which will provide detailed info if you want to use the services.

Many serious bridge players use the service to practice via arranged games or Partnership Bidding.

The VBA can direct you to someone if you want help getting started online.

Document Links follow. The software has changed since they were written but they are basically correct.

Getting Started gives you feel for the BBO environment and how it operates.

Partnership Bidding is important for aspiring partnerships. Check it out.

Tournaments are a little complicated but worthwhile to play in if you can get a volunteer friend to learn the techniques.

Finally, there are Robots you can rent which use the GIB Software and will play solitaire against you.