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  • New Chairs of Disciplinary Committees

    The VBA Council at its March meeting confirmed the recommendations of the President,
    Christopher Leach, of new Chairs of the State and VBA Disciplinary Committees.

    The new Chair of the Victorian Congress Disciplinary and Ethics Committee (VCDEC), the
    principal disciplinary body in Victoria, with oversight over State events, all club congresses
    and regional events, is Mr Andrew Guy. Andrew was a prominent commercial lawyer,
    whose final role before retirement was as Managing Partner of the Melbourne office of
    the precursor of what is now Allens…. one of Australia’s largest law firms. Since retirement
    from the law, Andrew has had a distinguished career as a company director of several public
    and private companies and also Not-for-Profit organizations including the Australian Institute
    of Company Directors and Anglicare.

    Andrew is a canny bridge player at a social and club level and has played bridge for 50 years.
    The President comments as follows: “I have known Andrew for 25 years and he is universally
    admired for his calm rational demeanour and incisive judgement. I am delighted he will be taking
    up this important role.”

    The Council also approved the appointment of Mr Chris Hughes, a very well-known figure in
    Victorian bridge, as the permanent Chair of the VBA Disciplinary Committee. Chris has been chair
    pro tem since January 13. The VBA Committee is the internal disciplinary body of the VBA for its
    club event programme.

    Chris Hughes has been a player of the highest rank since the 1980s and is widely respected as
    a bridge expert, teacher commentator and professional partner. He has done an excellent job
    during his temporary stewardship of the role. Chris will also be joining the State body after the
    resignation of Shirley Collins.


    Andrew Guy                                              Chris Hughes

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