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  • New VBA Disciplinary Regulations and Expansion of Committee


    The VBA President, Christopher Leach, is pleased to advise that the VBA Disciplinary Regulations have recently been extensively updated and the changes approved by the VBA Council. These regulations apply to the events held by the VBA (mainly on Monday nights, but occasionally on Wednesdays) which are not state events and also to its club duplicate activities.

    It should also be noted that the new regulations have been written to encompass forthwith all on-line games  played under the auspices of the VBA. In the event of disputes in VBA on-line games these regulations shall prevail.

    One of the aims of the update was to bring the VBA regulations into line with the State regulations, which govern the running of state events and club congresses.

    The VBA Disciplinary committee has been expanded to three persons following the changes to the regulations.

    It now consists of Chris Hughes (Chair), Kim Hoff and Margaret Yuill.

    A link to the new regulations may be found here.

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