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    Aug 29th, Sep 5th,12th, 26th, Oct 3rd, 10th (note Event not on Wed Sep 19th due to Rosh Hashanah)

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    History of the Pennant

    The 1st Pennant was held in 1934, organised by the Victorian Bridge Association. Australia’s leading pair Champion-Goldberg won the first 3 Pennants playing the Pachabo system. 48 teams entered that inaugural Pennant – 16 in the A division (with the winner to become the Victorian team for the Interstate championship), 24 in the B division, and 18 in the ladies section. The format was a double round-robin qualifying to semi-finals. The “home and away” borrowed its scoring from football (4-2-0 Victory Points and percentage of points for vs against to break ties)!



    FORMAT: Stage One (6 weeks preliminary qualifying) either:

    12 x 14-board matches in a Round-Robin format within each of two groups (with possibly some seeded cross-over); or:

    18 x 9-board matches in a Round-Robin format within a single group.

    QUALIFIERS: The five teams progressing from the Preliminary (two from each Qualifying Group, plus the best third* placed team) will participate in the Semi-Finals on Saturday 17th November.

    The Semi-Finals (with screens) will be a Round-Robin consisting of 5 x 12-board matches. The other team that will participate in the Semi-Finals will be determined from a Regional Play-off.

    The Final 2-team Knockout on Sunday 18th November will consist of 4 x 16-board stanzas.

    * This will be the team that is ‘closest’ to the 2nd placed team in its own group.

    SCORING: IMPs to VPs using the appropriate 14-board WBF Scale (Qualifying) and 12-board WBF Scale (Round-of-Six).

    FEES: $18.00 per player per session (Qualifying)

    $21.00 per player per session (Weekend Finals)

    TIMES: 92 minutes per 14-Board (Qualifying).

    SEATING: Toss for rights.

    TIES: Normal VBA regulations apply

    SLOW PLAY and LATENESS: Offending teams may be fined for either offence.

    SUBSTITUTES: Current VBA Substitution Regulations

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