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  • President’s Update

    There have been queries regarding the next stage of our transformation process concerning the separation of the operations of the state body (Bridge Victoria) from the VBA Bridge Club, now known as the Victorian Bridge Centre.

    Over the next several months, the VBA Council will be implementing its business model wherein Bridge Victoria (BV) will manage all state operations and the Victorian Bridge Centre will focus entirely on its club operations.

    These two business areas will report separately to the Board of the Victorian Bridge Association Limited  (the Council) and will have separate accounting, personnel and functions.

    Bridge Victoria will have a Management Committee with a majority representation from Victoria’s bridge clubs.We are hoping this body can be set up over February and March and will receive strong input from representatives of Victoria’s bridge clubs.

    The Victorian Bridge Centre Management Committee is to be set up over this period as well. The existing Operational Management group will become the VBC Management Committee with representation from staff and club members.

    The Victorian Bridge Association Ltd will continue to be the overarching body, consistent with its constitution and aims. The VBA Council will provide the governance across both these organisations, it employs all staff, ensures the group is actively working towards achieving stated strategic intent, considers reports & recommendations from the sub committees, provides the disciplinary apparatus for Victorian congresses and state events and delegates tasks to other committees.

    There are two representatives to the ABF, appointed by and reporting to the Council. They are considered delegates for the whole state of Victoria.

    We are about to send out a communication to clubs with more detail, which you will receive if you are in our database. We have just been through a process of checking those who unsubscribed, however if you would like to ensure you are in our database as a club contact please send through your contact details to our secretary at [email protected].

    Christopher Leach


    Victorian Bridge Association

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