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  • Rebecca O’Reilly Appointed Chair of State/Territory Youth Coordinators Committee

    At the AGM, the ABF Council discussed a 2021 – 2025 Youth Development Plan with the goal of achieving 1000 youth players by year end 2025.  As part of that plan, States and Territories agreed to progress youth growth and development.


    The ABF is committed to supporting the Youth Development Plan and the Board has agreed that oversight of the various activities in each State/Territory and identification of support requirements is an important part of achieving success in youth development.


    To assist with this objective, the ABF Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca O’Reilly as Chair of State/Territory Youth Coordinators Committee.


    Rebecca will be responsible for:

    – ensuring close collaboration between the various State/Territory youth coordinators is achieved;

    – keeping the Board appraised of the requirements for support with program implementation; and

    – coordinating a youth report in each edition of the ABF newsletter.


    The VBA will offer Rebecca and all youth players our full support with this initiative. The future of our game is in their hands.

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