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  • Creation of Recorder Position for Victorian Bridge

    The President of the VBA Christopher Leach and the Chair of the Match and Tournament, Jenny Thompson are delighted to advise that Dee Harley, prominent expert player and editor of the VBA newsletter has been confirmed by the Council as Victorian bridge’s first recorder.

    Those who attend interstate congresses will probably be familiar with this role which is essentially to be on the spot to receive communications (oral or written) from players regarding matters arising from the play which could potentially be the subject of disciplinary action. The recorder takes the details of what transpired, consults a director if required, and will act as a liaison between parties and the relevant disciplinary committee should matters proceed to that point.

    The announcement of the reporter position happily also coincides with the announcement of the new chairs of the State and VBA disciplinary bodies (see adjacent articles).
    More details of the recorder’s role and activities will be made once a timetable is known for the resumption of State and Congress events

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