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  • VBA Bulletin Leagues (Teams)

    Following on from the VBA Bulletin Cup, we are now offering teams of four to six players the opportunity to play in a series of league matches against teams of similar standard.


    We hope to have two or three leagues of 8 teams (of up to 6 players) The number of teams in a league and the number of leagues will be adjusted according to the number of teams which enter.

    Each week, each team will be allocated a match within their league. They will play the match – pretty much like the format of the VBA Bulletin cup. The Captains will fix a date within the allotted week and agree a start time and then play two sets of 12 boards – Each pair must play a different pair in the second 12 boards.

    Captains will agree on the IMP total which will be converted to Victory Points. The winning captain will notify the organiser: [email protected] of the result copying in the losing Captain.


    The number of leagues and the number of teams in each league will be determined by the number of entries.

    If there were eight teams in the league, each team would play the other seven, so the season would last for seven weeks.

    The latest league positions will be published on the website each week.


    Team captains have a pool of between four and six players who should be nominated at the beginning of the season.  You may add players to your pool during the season but must not exceed six.

    If a player has played for one team in the current league, that will prevent them from playing for any other team during that season.

    You may use players outside of your initial pool if you are unable to fulfill the match otherwise – as long as they haven’t played for another team. In exceptional circumstances you may request permission from the organiser to play someone from outwith Victoria.

    Note that you may decide to use all six pool players during a match, as you could (for example) play pairs 1 and 2 for the first 12 boards and then pairs 2 and 3 for the second 12 boards.

    To sign up for this free event ENTER ONLINE  OR email [email protected] with your team members and your team name by 21st June.

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