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VBA Bulletin Plate – Sportsmanship

Not everything goes smoothly when organising a tournament. What is helpful is when people cooperate and are friendly and helpful.

So, in setting up the competition, I somehow missed the fact that Gavin, Kirstin, Lindy and Ken had somehow managed to get an entry onto the VBA website (despite the fact that it was closed for entries).

Gavin had not read the instruction to contact me about it, so their team (Dornoch4)  did not make the qualifying round.  By the time I found out about it, the qualifying was compete, and I also found out we were one team short in the plate anyway,  I offered Rebecca O’Reilly (Jamie’s Angels) the opportunity to play Gavin’s team (Dornoch4) on this basis:

If they win you can decide to be eliminated,  OR you can offer them another 8 board challenge (starting at 0-0 again) to decide who goes through to the round of 8.

You can also elect not to play them and just qualify for the round of eight.

I was delighted when Jamie’s Angels accepted the challenge and agreed to allow the Dornoch4 to enter the Plate.

Whoever wins it is a plus for bridge in Victoria. Well done.