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  • VBA Online Masterpoint Tournaments

    The VBA currently run 15 online bridge sessions per week. There are two sessions every day. These sessions have been supported wonderfully by many players and we thank you all for joining.

    We run 11 free sessions and 4 sessions where master points are available.

    • Monday morning (shortened) individual, starting at 10am (12 boards)
    • Monday afternoon pairs, starting at 1pm (usually 24 boards)
    • Wednesday evening pairs, starting at 7.30pm (usually 24 boards)
    • Saturday evening pairs, starting at 7.30pm (usually 24 boards)

    Here is some information which will help you understand the way these games work:

    ​How do I enter?

    The masterpointed games will not appear in the free Tournaments section, but will be in the ‘All Tournaments’ section. Look for tournaments within 2 hours of the advertised start time (ie from 11am Monday and 5.30pm Wednesday). The tournament host will be vABF3301 and the name of the tournament will have VBA in the title.

    To play in the event, your BBO account will be charged BB$3. This means that you must have funds in your BBO account to play. To accomplish this, click on the BB$ button at the top right hand side of the screen when you log in, then click on Purchase BB$. The steps from there are quite straightforward. Please heed the information we have received that if you are buying BB$, do not use an iPhone or an apple tablet, but rather a PC. The reason for this is that Apple will charge you for the privilege and a BB$ could end up costing closer to A$2.60.

    Registering to play happens exactly the same way it does now. You simply click on the tournament and invite your partner to play.

    Why play in paid events when you can play free?

    All of the entry fees go to BBO, who refund a substantial amount to the ABF for disbursement to clubs running tournaments.

    As well as the prospect of masterpoints, you will be supporting your club financially, which will help bridge to survive through these dark times. There are several clubs who are running these events. Please consider playing in a few of them, either at the VBA or with your own club if are participating.

    We will watch with interest the relative uptake of the masterpointed tournaments compared with the free events to determine whether there is scope for extra sessions.

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions at all, or phone me on 0417 543 076. I would love your feedback.

    Thanks again for all your support, and please stay safe and well.

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