Promoting BRIDGE within Victoria
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  • VBA Pennant Real Bridge Link – Nov 3rd

    Session Six of the Pennant will start at 7:30pm

    Please click on:


    at least 15 minutes before start time.

    If your partner or team mates do not have this link, you may forward this email to them.

    Please sit at your home-table (i.e., the one bearing the name of your Captain).

    I have activated the RealBridge kibitzing feature for tonight’s session.  This will enable the members of 6-person teams who are sitting out to follow the play at any table in the room. You are also welcome to forward the following link to any one else who you believe might be interested in watching:

    Please note that there is a 20 minute delay associated with the play as displayed on the kibitzing site (hence the first hands will only become visible at 7:50pm).

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