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  • VCC A Winner

    The Victor Champion Cup was very successful this year. A survey was completed by many of our players and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. There was also feedback on how to improve next years event and we will be working to make that happen. Thanks to those who helped to make this event successful, to the players who came and congratulations to the winners list below.

    The Winners of VCC 2023 Teams events were as follows:

    Victor Champion Cup

    1. Andrew Spooner, Ron Klinger, Matt Mullamphy, Ian Thomson
    2. Sartaj Hans, Andy Hung, Liam Milne, James Coutts
    3. Jane Dawson, Marlene Watts, Shane Harrison, Peter Gill

    Charlie Snashall Retricted teams – David Carruthers, Alex Goss, Peter Goss, Bertie Morgan

    President’s Cup (aka the Lidia Beech Trophy)

    Bob Geyer, George Lovrecz, TP Ranasinghe, Gordon McRobert

    Best Life Masters’ Team – Danial Mao, Ming Zhang, Jack Huang, Chen Ding

    Best Women’s Team – Marion Spurrier, Ann Mellings, Jan Tunks, Margaret Yuill

    Best Seniors’ Team – Chris Hughes, Ian Robinson, Neil Ewart, Kim Morrison

    The winners of VCC 2023 Pairs events were as follows:

    Wally Scott Open Swiss Pairs

    1. Bijan Assae, Dominic Kwok
    2. David Gue, Joshua Tomlin

    Jim & Norma Borin Mixed Pairs

    1. Andrew Peake, Giselle Mundell
    2. Vanessa Brown, Will Jenner-O’Shea

    Victor Muntz Restricted Swiss Pairs

    1. Lynda Young, Phillip Young
    2. Sean Xie, Bei Tang

    Frank Power <200 Swiss Pairs

    1. Elizabeth Angeatos, Marcus Brodmeyer
    2. zzHelen Pearce, Rosalyn Davies

    Geoff Schaller

    VCC Tournament Organiser 2023

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