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  • Victorian Teams Perform Well at ANC

    The 2022 Australian National Teams Championships took place last week in Adelaide and Victorian teams participated in all four categories: Open, Senior, Women & Youth.

    For the third time since Victoria’s last Open victory (in Melbourne 2011) our Open Team made the final, sadly losing narrowly to NSW. The final stanza was very exciting with the Vic team launching a big comeback to lose in the end by only a few imps. Congratulations on a fantastic performance go to James Coutts (playing Captain) and Justin Mill/Rob Fruewirth and Ben Thompson/Simon Hinge and Stephen Lester. The following is a link to the ANC daily newsletter covering the playoff and a detailed description of the swings and roundabouts of that final set:

    Congratulations also go to our Youth Team of Damon Flicker, Seb Wright, Alex Goss, Yip San (Simon) Pui, Victoria Thompson and Xavier Fruewirth (with Bec O’Reilly as Non-playing Captain) which also performed very creditably in qualifying for the Final, before losing to a very strong S.A. team.

    Thanks to all Victorians for ably and proudly representing us in Adelaide.

    Another good result for Victorian bridge was the great win of the VBA Secretary Colin Jasper and his regular VBA partner Alan Hardie in the National Restricted Butler. Anyone who has played against this very competent paring would not be surprised that they went all the way on the national stage. Congratulations gentlemen!

    Finally, the Open Butler is currently underway and although no all-Victorian pairs qualified for the final, Pete Hollands, Justin Mill and James Coutts are participating in the final with non-Victorian partners.

    Christopher Leach

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