Promoting BRIDGE within Victoria
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  • WBF Simultaneous Pairs

    The WBF is planning to run a series of Sim Pairs events to support youth bridge through the Virtual Bridge managers, ECats.

    The series of simulataneous pairs events is planned on a quarterly basis each year – in October, December, March and August. See EcatsBridge Calendar for specifics.

    The purpose of the event is to raise funds for youth bridge. For details goto the ABF web site or the Youth section of Ecats.

    As one of the larger NBOs, there is an expectation that Australia will be well represented in these events and I therefore ask that you promote this initiative amongst your state association and affiliated clubs.

    The levy, to go to the WBF Youth Fund, is only $3 per pair ($1.50 per player).

    Further details are also available on the: ABF web site.

    ECats are well known for running online bridge events for charity and bridge fund-raising purposes.

    They have had events supported by the ABF and the VBA before.

    Their slogan is ‘Promoting Real Bridge in a Virtual World’.

    If you want more info about Ecats and the services they provide, check out their website: Go ECats

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