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  • Youth Bridge Training Weekend 2013

    On the weekend of 27-28 April, 40+ youth players from across the State converged on the VBA to take part in the Victorian Youth Bridge Club Training Weekend.

    The weekend involved players as young as 7 who had been playing anywhere from 6 weeks through to 6 years!

    Satuday Workshops

    On the Saturday players took part in workshops delivered by Andrew Mill and Ben Thompson. These workshops covered topics from limiting your hand right through to squeezes.

    Highlight of the weekend

    One of the highlights of the weekend was having students from the Bairnsdale West Primary School make the trek to Melbourne for the event.

    Frank Power is a great promoter of bridge (among other things) in schools throughout the Bairnsdale area. He ensured players from the Bairnsdale West Primary, along with their principle, attended the training event. Well done Frank.

    Read more Youth news at: Vic Youth Bridge

    Sunday – Blaine Howe Trophy

    On the Sunday, youth players teamed up with Victorian Open level players to battle for the Blaine Howe Trophy – proving who was the best Victorian Pro/Am team for 2013.

    Congratulations to the Kaplan team who took home the trophy.

    1. Kaplan Team: Megan Glenn, Marcus Brodmeyer, Rena Kaplan, George Gaspar, David Thompson
    2. Ridway Team: Thomas Johannsen, Christophe McNeil, Gary Ridgway, Arthur Robbins
    3. Strong Team: Jane Rennie, Jamie Thompson, Terry Strong, Kevin Chan

    Blaine was a great supporter of youth bridge and was always keen to have youth news up on the website. His mother, Ursula, set up the Blaine Howe foundation, which the youth bridge club use to ensure that events like this happen.

    A big thanks

    A big thanks go to our pros and helpers over the weekend: Rena Kaplan, George Gasper, David Thompson, Gary Ridgway, Arthur Robbins, Terry Strong, Kevin Chan, Sam Arber, Traian Chira, Di Smart, Robbie Van Riel, Andrew Macready Bryan, Andrew Mill, Jenny Thompson, Grant Kilvington, Stephen Lester, Robert Drew, Jill Magee, Ben Thompson, Hayden Blakeman, Bill Jacobs, Bob Geyer, Chris Hughes, Nathan Howard, Laurie Kelso, Mary Elson, Liz Byrnes, Dave Hollands and Lucy Henbest.

    The weekend could not have happened without the help of all the people who ran the workshops, fed the troops and herded them to the bridge tables.

    Random facts we discovered about youth bridge players from the weekend:

    • They love Choc Ripple Cake
    • Bananas and mandarins are more popular than apples
    • In a youth pro am Dave T is not the shortest player in the room
    • 1700 is a very common score

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