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Documents - Policies & Regulations

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VBA Policies and Regulations
Date Description Show?
Table Fees as at 1/1/2019 1st Jan 2019 Tables fees for sessions from Jan 1st 2019 Show
Player Rights of Entry to Congresses V1 May 23 2018 Policy detailing player’s rights to enter any Victorian Congress event. Show
Victorian Congress Director Charter V1 May 23, 2018 Details the expectations, responsibilities and duties of a congress director in Victoria Show
VBA Funding Policy 27 April 2016 Policy for all applications for funding from affiliated clubs and application form Show
VBA Affiliation Policy V2 29 Nov 2017 Policy applicable to new club affiliations Show
VBA Club Affiliation Application Form V2 29 Nov 2017 Application form for clubs to affiliate with the VBA Show
VBA Calendar Congress Policy 2 February 2014 Policy for congress allocation to clubs. Show
VBA Advertising Rate Card 28 July 2016 Rates for Advertising in the VBA Bulletin, Website and other VBA publications Show