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  • Australian Online Youth Tournament 2020

    Report from Rebecca O’Reilly…..

    After the disappointing cancellation of the 2020 ANC the Victorian Youth Team were thrilled for the opportunity to play in the Australian Online Youth Tournament. The team chosen to represent Victoria consisted of:

    The Muscle: Conor Hosking

    Defence Queen: Rebecca O’Reilly

    Stats Superstar: Damon Flicker

    The Strategist: Seb Wright

    Mastermind: Jamie Thompson

    The Heart: Danni Fuller

    Not to forget the beloved NPC’s Peter Hollands and Laura Ginnan who not only shared their bridge expertise but also did an incredible job keeping us all in line and accountable in what can only be described as an organisational nightmare.

    The event consisted of 5 states battling it out in a double round robin of 16 board matches (and no undos, eep).

    The first match started in typical youth fashion with IMPS flying everywhere, an average of more than 6 imps a board! Fortunately most were coming Victoria’s way and the team managed to settle their nerves with a strong 20 IMP win over ACT.

    Round robin one ended with the team having 2 wins and 2 losses and eager to get a few more wins on the board in the second round.

    Match #

    VIC IMPs

    Opp IMPs

    +/- IMPs



    VIC 63

    ACT 43




    VIC 44

    SA 71




    VIC 33

    NSW 28




    VIC 27

    QLD 71



    A strong second round saw the Victorian team winning three out of the four matches. Unfortunately heartbreak came in the second last match where the team faced their biggest loss for the event against SA and said goodbye to any last hopes of making the finals. With this disappointment hanging over the players’ heads going into the final match it would have been easy to lose focus. Persevering despite this they managed a 36 IMP win over tournament leaders QLD, getting one last bit of revenge after being defeated by them in the first round.

    A fine effort from all with only a few unfortunate misclicks, finishing the tournament a very respectable 3rd place. A big thank you to Leigh and Bianca Gold for organising the tournament.


    Match #

    VIC IMPs

    Opp IMPs

    +/- IMPs



    VIC 44

    ACT 15




    VIC 26

    NSW 23




    VIC 20

    SA 65




    VIC 52

    QLD 16



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