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  • Bridge League Continuation on Real Bridge (now starting May 7th)

    Following the cessation of the very popular and successful VBA Bulletin League the Waverley Bridge Club would like to conduct a similar event convened by Andrzej Krolikowski. As a start we propose an Autumn Season of BRIDGE LEAGUE on the RealBridge platform.

    The duration of the event will depend on the number of entries similar to previous arrangements.

    It is proposed to hold matches concurrently on a Friday evening starting at 19:30 AEST starting on Friday 9th April.

    The matches will be 2 x 12 Boards sets against one opponent with the ability to change your pairings after 12 Boards.

    The cost is $28 per team per match.

    Results and standings, shown as ladders, would be available for each division soon after completion of matches.

    At the end of the round robin, once every team has played all opponents in their section, we would relegate, say 2 bottom teams, and promote two top teams from a lower division, subject to number of entries.

    Please form a team of up to six players.  Click this Link to enter Entries


    Bridge League for Website

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