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    This article is most of the text contained in a letter from Sandra Mulcahy, the ABF National Marketing Coordinator for distribution to the Affiliated Clubs.

    With most clubs scheduling beginner lessons early in the New Year, I thought it may be timely to outline what is available to assist them in attracting newcomers to our sport.

    Also, as I understand that many clubs do letter box drops as part of their campaign to promote their beginner classes, I have enclosed an example of a flyer which they may care to use.

    If a club would like one , just let me know the details and I’ll put one together for them.

    VBA Marketing Document – See Flyer

    Making Newcomers Welcome

    Early this year the ABF will be providing all new members with an Information Kit together with a welcome letter from our President.

    This will provide them with, amongst other things, a brief history of the sport, an outline of our administrative structure, information about how to improve their bidding and play of the cards, information about our code of behaviour and an outline of the ranking and masterpoints system.

    At a club level, they should make sure to create a friendly and welcoming environment for new players.

    Perhaps consider a newcomer policy for their club which could include finding them a partner, providing a mentor, celebrating their completion of beginner classes etc.

    You will also find tips on retaining members at the above website.

    Want to see the VBA Affiliated Clubs Marketing Page? There is not much there but it’s a start.

    VBA Marketing Webpage

    This page will tell you something about the ABF Marketing page and you can go there to find out what Sandra and her team are doing.

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