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  • COVID-19 claims bridge!

    Bridge in Australia has come to a standstill.

    The ABF has recommended that all bridge clubs close, initially for a period of four weeks. In reality, the length of time for which this directive will apply will most likely be longer. Judging by the day to day evolution of this unpleasant saga, we could be out for anywhere from 4 weeks to a year.

    Note that as well as club sessions being cancelled, congresses too will suffer. This is a long time to be without the game we all love and I would encourage people to keep in touch with the game through online portals.

    Bridge Base Online (BBO) is a great place to start – just go to and follow your nose. We have an instruction page for BBO Here

    Other popular bridge connections are:

    • StepBridge:  Click here for information about Stepbridge
    • Jack: 
    • Huddling down in your nest, you may wish to read some bridge books. These may be ordered online through a variety of sources.

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