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  • Farewell Lina and Welcome Melissa

    We were very sorry to say goodbye to our lovely café barista, Lina Rincon, last Wednesday night. Lina has been with us for a little over a year and has brightened everyone’s day with her warm personality and engaging smile. We wish her all the very best for her upcoming holiday to Asia and life back in Colombia.

    Our barista/cafe assistance Melissa has started work with us.  Please make her welcome.

    Here’s a lovely report from Paulina Baker about Lina

    Lina’s Biggest Wish.

    During one of my many chats with Lina I learned that she had not managed to
    see any Australian animals in her 15 months here. So, what I thought she
    needed was an “Australia Day ” outing.  On her free day I drove her to
    Healesville Sanctuary as her biggest wish was to see the koalas.

    The weather was perfect and on arrival we started with the koalas. Then we
    watched the raptor display had lunch and went back to the koalas.

    After looking at all the other animals guess what? Yes! We went back to the
    koalas after which I drove a tired but happy young lady home.
    There are a lot of koala photos going back to Colombia.

    We will all miss her cheerful, diligent personality at VBA

    Lina with President Ben Thompson and Manager Andrew Macready-Bryan


    Lina at Healesville

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