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  • Off and racing in Lyon

    The World Championships have started in Lyon and we’ve kicked off with a good win against Guadeloupe. Juzz and Pete had a good set; I liked their last board, bidding a tight 4S game missed by a lot of the field.

    We have several Victorians here in key administrative roles too. Laurie Kelso is one of the senior directors. Traian Chira is in charge of the vugraph operation and has introduced some great innovations this year, with 16 tables being broadcast on BBO from the very first match.

    Each table is in its own “cabin”, some with operators for 3 different online vugraph sites!

    Lyon VG room small

    Every vugraph table has a tablet on each side of the screen with useful information, and buttons for the players to indicate when they sit down, and to call the director. The WBF likes it so much, they want Traian to roll this technology out to every table next time (we have 66 tables in play today). Hats off to Traian.

    Lyon itself is a beautiful city with fantastic food. So far so good!

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