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  • Summer League

    The VBA Bulletin League

    The first match of the summer season starts on Monday 11th January

    We will be issuing Masterpoints for each match played (ABF requirement)

    We therefore need to know when and which substitutes are used


    Teams Listing

    Match Schedule

    Setting Up a BBO Match

    Organiser: Dee Harley Email Dee



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    Setting up a BBO match:

    If you haven’t set up a teams match before, read this first, then come back and read the following:

    If you wish to see a You tube video of how to do it then try this link

    Note: having the title and description set correctly assists anyone searching for the match during, or long after play.

    Note: do not press the “Create Teams Match” _button until you have set all the following settings :

    Identification Tab

    Title: VBA Bulletin Summer League

    Description: Your TeamName v Their TeamName 1st 12 boards (or 2nd 12 Boards)

    Team 1 – _Your TeamName Team 2 – _Their TeamName

    Options Tab

    Form of Scoring:

    Select IMPs

    Select 12 Boards (Make sure it is still set to 12 before you leave the page)

    Deal Source:

    Use Random Deals


    Allow Kibitzers (or not if someone has preferred not)

    Do not allow Kibitzers to talk to players

    Undos – _by agreement of Captains

    Voice – _(this is a new option – _by agreement of the captains)

    Barometer Scoring – _by agreement of captains

    Reserve Seats Tab

    Your Team members all go into the Team 1 box

    Their Team members all go into the Team 2 box

    The home captain should switch the seats in his own Team 1 box after 12 boards. Team 2 stays the same (if using the same 4 players) and therefore you will play different opponents in the 2nd stanza.


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