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  • The VBA Bridge Health Survey


    The VBA Bridge Survey has now closed. A big thank you to all who participated and if you would still like to do, so or discuss any issues, please contact Andrew Macready-Bryan at [email protected]


    The full report on responses can be found by CLICKING HERE


    The purpose of this survey was to understand the implications of the Covid epidemic on bridge clubs across Victoria and to understand where the VBA could help.


    Financial Results and Support

    • Of the  respondents more than half were in a financially  good position despite Covid, with 25% finding it tough for different reasons
    • There was a definite interest in support of various kinds, primarily  with planning for re-opening and health and safety issues
    • There was also interest in obtaining support for the Grants available, for paying bills, obligations to staff, applying for subsidies and talking to the council


    Re-opening and support

    • Many clubs were thinking of  reopening when there was no virus in Victoria or a vaccine was available (41%)
    • Others were happy to consider reopening based on the government ‘de-lockdown’ announcements (29%)
    • Others were waiting to see how things develop in order to  make an assessment
    • Meanwhile people are missing the social aspects of bridge
    • Online bridge is filling the gap for many players but there still seems to be an opportunity to help those  who are not confident or don’t like the concept


    VBA Follow Up

    • To those clubs who have requested support the VBA will be contacting you  individually
    • Some clubs have kindly offered their support to other clubs and the VBA will connect appropriate clubs where feasible
    • The VBA will set up a ‘mentoring’ area on the VBA website so those who need help in playing online can find a mentor
    • The VBA will continue to communicate our advice on reopening,  health and safety issues and online bridge advice


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